Equipment Financing

Best Financial Partner For Your Business

Ready to thrive your business? To expand the business, a variety of equipment is required. The right equipment helps to grow the business, improves efficiency and increases revenue. But sometimes, business owners lack the desired amount and are not able to purchase the equipment for their business growth. Don’t worry; Bellzone Funding is here to provide the right financing solution for your needs. We aim to help you to acquire the assets that will empower your company to grow. We offer flexible term lengths and repayment options so that our clients can focus on their business. You will experience a remarkable equipment financing option with Bellzone Funding.

Easy Equipment Financing Options

You can lease pre-owned or new equipment. Get the best fund for required equipment for your business growth

Increase Productivity

You can enhance your business productivity with advanced tools Ease to try different equipments without paying a lump sum amount

Simple Stress-Free Process

Use your hard-earned cash for other important aspects of your business You will enjoy flexible payment choices

Commitment to Excellence

By understanding your business, we offer the best finance plan. You will receive superior quality in everything we do.

Types of Equipment Financing

  • Commercial Equipment Financing
  • Medical Equipment Financing

We Finance the Big Picture

With the right equipment, you can easily take your business to the next level. Heavy equipment such as forklifts and other equipment is much desired for achieving success in the business. The efficiency of work gets improved with modern tools. You can easily expand your business with our simple and fast equipment financing option. By getting the desired funds for your work, you can reduce your manual efforts and promote healthy productivity in the industry. You don’t have to think twice about purchasing heavy equipment for your business goal. You will get the best amount with Bellzone Funding for purchasing the new or used equipment for your business. 

Process to Apply

It is very simple and easy to get equipment finance from Bellzone Funding. You only have to fill out an application form, and after that, one of our associates will call you and ask for all the desired information about your business. Our funding experts will guide you to the best financing plan depending on your requirement and business type. After getting satisfied with our detailed plan, you can apply for funds, and you will receive that within 48 hours.


For requesting finance, you can simply fill out our application form.


We will connect with you for the best finance option.

Access Fund

After approval, the fund will be delivered to your account within 48 hours.

Why Bellzone Funding?

Bellzone Funding aims to create a long term relationship with clients by offering them access to desired equipment finance. We tailor the best financing solution for your business.

Simple Process

We believe in simplicity, and thus you will find all equipment financing proces much simpler.

Timely Service

With us, you will get finance for your money in a short span of time. No need to wait for weeks.

Best For Bad Credit

It is not easy to get finance over a bad credit score, but it is not the same with Bellzone Funding.

Personalized Care

With us, you will receive equipment finance options that are tailored according to your needs.

Financial Expertise

We understand business and thus give our best to support other businesses with the required equipment needed.

No Hidden Charges

You will receive complete transparency from our side. We have no hidden cost, no broker fee, nothing like this.


The process of buying business equipment by taking out a loan or finance comes under equipment financing. Such a type of loan allows you to easily purchase the desired equipment on the requirement, and you can make its payment over time. For better understanding, you can relate this with the auto loan by which you make a purchase of your personal car. You have to make regular lease payments for that equipment, and if the lease gets up, then you can return the equipment. Also, if you are able to pay all lease payments, then the equipment will become yours at the end.

It will accelerate your business. By equipment financially, you can use different equipment without paying a lump sum amount. Just by paying a small amount, you can generate revenue for your business. Thus with equipment financing, you can boost your business productivity and generate revenue.

Seriously telling, we believe in fast service, and you will get your funds within 48 hours of the request. Bellzone Funding understands the value of time and thus completes everything in a timely manner.

Yes, you can easily combine your equipment finance with Section 179, and it will act as an added value to you. With Section 179, business owners enjoy prompt deduction for their business associated with the equipment, software, or vehicle.

Well, yes, every financing company would like to check your credit score just for inquiry. But don’t think that if you have a bad credit score, then it would affect your financing value. Never, we are a customer-friendly equipment financing company and offer the best value even on bad credit because we consider things more than credit.