What Is The American Rescue Plan

What Is The American Rescue Plan?

The American Rescue Plan was passed with a vision to provide immediate assistance to Americans, recovering the U.S. economy, and beginning to combat the virus. The outbreak of Covid-19 has impacted the health and economic condition of the people adversely in America and across the whole world. As one of the most affected countries by the deadly virus, America has suffered a huge financial and health loss. The American government therefore launched an American Rescue Plan to control the loss suffered due to the pandemic. Under the American Rescue Plan, immediate relief was provided to the citizens of the country with a mission to vaccinate ten crore people within the first hundred days of the pandemic. The second part of the rescue plan was making the health and wellness services so prompt and proficient that they may be able to deal with the pandemics now and in the future. The death rate was extremely high during the outbreak of the virus, due to which the unemployment rate also escalated, making the situation more worse for the victims. Therefore, the government fixed the minimum wage rate $15 per hour, and along with that, the government offered an increased tax exemption rate for the people who have kids. The government authorities also proposed to provide $1400 financial help to the affected individuals.  Overall, the rescue plan saved thousands of individuals trapped in health and economic crises. However, the rescue plan proved to be fruitful for the small and medium businesses too and saved them from shutting down forever. This blog will also take you through those elements of the American Rescue Plan proposed by the American government. Let’s get through it.

Benefits Of The American Rescue Plan To The Businesses

This plan was framed to support the American citizens as well as the small businesses. The individuals and businesses who faced loss in their financial and physical well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic found this as a great source of support and relief. The paid leaves were allowed until September 30,2021. Therefore, if any worker or employee suffers from COVID-19 or needs quarantine, and they are granted leave, they will get a credit for offering them the paid leaves. This type of leave is also applicable to individuals who need time to take care of their family or kids related to COVID-19 reasons. Being a business owner, you can check out detailed information on the IRS website. This rescue plan was also suitable for employees going for COVID-19 vaccination and having any post-vaccine symptoms.

However, the American labor department has set certain eligibility criteria for businesses to apply for a paid leave tax credit. One of those criteria is that businesses with less than 500 employees or members can apply for the leave tax credit scheme, and they have to provide the individuals paid leaves in case they have a Covid-19 related emergency. These credit programs are also accessible for self-employed or independent individuals. In addition, ventures with less than 50 employees can also apply for these leave credits with a written and well-explained reason as to why this exemption is significant for them. Bellzone Funding LLC recommends hiring a professional and experienced tax preparer who can guide you in the process of paid leave tax credits, their exemptions, and the process of applying for it in case your business and health has been suffered amidst this severe pandemic.

The Bottom Line

The American Rescue plan proved to be a great success for the citizens. Along with all the above benefits, it also extended unemployment insurance benefits, helped Americans to stay at their homes during the crucial time, increased both the earned income and child tax credit, provide families with an additional tax credit to reduce the child or family care costs, and supported numerous communities that were struggling during the outbreak of pandemic. You can also avail the benefit of this rescue plan if you have a small business by just checking out your business’s eligibility for the plan. For more useful information on the taxes and schemes launched by the American government, you can check out Bellzone Funding LLC Blogs.

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